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APGLOS Survey Wizard


Mobile GIS App

This land survey app has a very friendly user interface. Apglos Survey Wizard is very open and friendly to any user. After installing you can start right away, without any course.

Apglos Survey Wizard has enormous functionality. There are functions for mapping, staking out, drawing and calculating. 

Apglos Survey Wizard uses Bluetooth to communicate with GNSS receivers. Also in certain cases this land survey app for Android uses USB. In both ways Apglos Survey Wizards reads the NMEA-0183 (GGA and GST) strings from the GNSS receiver to get the exact position. This means:

Apglos Survey Wizard is compatible with any GNSS receiver of all brands.



You can map with Apglos Survey Wizard. Several elements like points, lines, arcs, polylines and polygons can be added on the background Google Maps. 

Besides that you can add comments and symbols.


Staking out

Staking out is very easy with this app for land surveying, Apglos Survey Wizard. 

For this you only have to select an element. After that the stake out function gives immediatly the horizontal and vertical directions and distances. 



Everything you can map in Apglos Survey Wizard you can also draw. 

This complete GPS app uses layers like in AutoCAD and Microstation. Line types, line weights and colors of these programms are used and stored in Apglos Survey Wizard.  




You can calculate on the spot with Apglos Survey Wizard. 

That means you always have the right information on the right spot. 

Besides distances you can calculate lengths, areas, volumes and more.


*This is an annual subscription.