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Ridgid SeekTech SR-20 w/ ST-33Q Transmitter (10 Watt)


The RIDGID SeekTech SR-20 Utility Line Locator is a precision utility locating instrument with GPS and Bluetooth technology for easy integration with external data capture devices, including smart phones, tablets, and high precision GPS instruments.

The SR-20's omnidirectional antennas capture the complete signal field, making it easy to acquire the signal and trace its path. The receiver displays the utility's position and direction on the display, providing an intuitive locating experience. For added confidence, audio and visual warnings notify the operator if the shape of the signal field is being distorted, ensuring that appropriate action can be taken to avoid mismarking the utility's position.

The RIDGID SeekTech ST-33Q+ Line Transmitter with Bluetooth (10 Watts) is the ideal transmitter for inducing current onto a target line. It will also direct connect using any frequency from 10Hz to 490kHz with power up to 10 Watts. The ST-33Q+ also allows the flexibility of using D-Cell alkaline batteries or 18V rechargeable RIDGID batteries for minimal interruptions on the job. 


With the ST-33Q+, users can induce over 8 times more current than traditional transmitters. More current means you can walk and trace further than ever before.


Power options include RIDGID's Lithium-Ion 18V rechargeable battery, six D-cell batteries, or an external 10-28 VDC power source.


The ST-33Q+ allows users to onduce more current at lower frequencies. Lower frequencies are less prone to jump onto other lines in congested areas reducing distortion and increasing accuracy.