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Attend Global GPR Congress 2022 in Phoenix, AZ
GPR Congress 2022 in Phoenix, AZ

2-Day GPR Bootcamp for Utility Locating (NULCA Accredited)

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NULCA Accredited Course - Get your Certification Now! 


Schedule & Locations:


December 1-2, 2021: Atlanta, GA (6070 Dawson Blvd, Suite C, Norcross, GA 30093)

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Generic By Design

We don't care if you use Leica Geosystems, Sensors and Software, GSSI, Mala, or equipment from any other manufacturer. This course trains you on the technology not the instrument so you can use any system.

 Conceptual & Practical

This workshop combines conceptual classroom based learning with practical hands on training. Multiple training platforms is the most effective way to retain and apply new skills.

 Proven Results

Our unique instructional process has helped people with ZERO background in GPR become confident technicians by the end of this workshop. We don't create experts here, but dramatically speed up the learning curve for beginners. 


Day 1 (9am-4pm)

Students spend day one in the classroom learning the fundamental concepts of ground penetrating radar. We cover topics such as EM waves, properties of materials, data interpretation, basic data processing, and review case studies.

 Day 2 (9am-4pm)

This course takes place outside during day 2 so students can practice the skills system calibration, data collection, identifying targets, and project documentation.

Day 3 (9am-4pm)

During this data processing course, students will learn and practice basic data processing skills necessary to filter most projects and be exposed to higher order processing steps. This section focuses on the most common processing steps to filter noisy GPR data and plot data in a variety of 3D visualizations. Several different processing software packages are used to stress the logical steps and philosophy of data processing regardless of software.