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Attend Global GPR Congress 2022 in Phoenix, AZ
GPR Congress 2022 in Phoenix, AZ

Data Processing & Analytics

Our team is created from experts who have industry-leading knowledge in fields essential to successful project completion. From geophysical data processing to CAD & GIS based map creation, our experts can assist your team in all aspects of data management.

 We can help with:

  • Geophysical and Geotechnical Data collection and management
  • CAD, GIS, and Survey-based Data
  • Report creation and Visual presentations
  • Data analytics
  • Database creation and management
  • Assessment and consultation
  • Data collection and post-processing
  • Data visualization
  • Software demonstrations
  • Software training

    Benefits of our Data Management Services

    • Enhance profitability by outsourcing data processing, data analytics, CAD services, GIS map creation, and preparation of deliverables while still charging customers for the service 
    • Rapid turn-around time of project deliverables by accessing our focused data management team; often in 48 hours or less
    • Reduce costs by letting us maintain insurance for our team members, software licenses, undated hardware, and regular training programs 

    Manage Your Own Data

    • Our team can provide guidance and training for your company in the industry-standard data processing and management software.
    • Looking to expand your software library to improve enhance your team’s service offerings? Allow our experts to demonstrate software options for your team utilizing your data. See, in real-time, how additions to your software library can improve your team’s workflow and provide your customers with useful site visualizations and professional level deliverables.