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FREE Concrete Scanning Workshop!

NULCA Accredited GPR Certification Workshop

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NULCA Accredited Course - Get your Certification Now! 

This is a hybrid course where the lectures are delivered online, on-demand through our platform and the hands-on portion is delivered at our facilities located at: 6070 Dawson Blvd, Suite C, Norcross, GA 30093

Once you register you will automatically be enrolled in the online portion of the course and can begin right away!

Topics Covered:

Basic concepts and theory
How GPR performs under different conditions
How GPR records and models the subsurface
Best practices for utility locating
How to operate your system for maximum success
How to use filters
Collecting information for 3D modeling



Generic By Design

We don't care if you use Leica Geosystems, Sensors and Software, GSSI, Mala, or equipment from any other manufacturer. This course trains you on the technology not the instrument so you can use any system.

 Conceptual & Practical

This workshop combines conceptual classroom based learning with practical hands on training. Multiple training platforms is the most effective way to retain and apply new skills.

 Proven Results

Our unique instructional process has helped people with ZERO background in GPR become confident technicians by the end of this workshop. We don't create experts here, but dramatically speed up the learning curve for beginners.