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Casella CEL-246 Sound Level Meter

by Casella

For used and refurbished options, call 1 (770) 674-2489.


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  • By implementing the latest digital technology the CEL246 gives excellent repeatability, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and performance, all housed in a rugged compact design.  

    With a high resolution display unparalleled in such an inexpensive unit, the CEL246 series can display the time history of noise levels, allowing an easy assessment of the current noise environment.

    • Simple to use interface using two soft keys
    • Accurately measures fluctuating noise levels over an integrated time (Leq)
    • Stores 419,000 data points, as well as the time history of the noise levels
    • Selectable range 30-100 or 60-130dB
    • Noise floor 30dB(A)
    • Time weightings – Fast, Slow and Impulse
    • Frequency Weightings A and C
    • Batteries 3 x AA Alkaline or rechargeable, gives greater than 35 hours battery life

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    • 24x Datasheet - English (

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