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Leica Rugby CLA Grade Laser


For used and refurbished options, call 1 (770) 674-2489.

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  • The maximum flexibility and the ability to quickly adjust to the job’s needs is vital for your projects. With the Leica Rugby CLA, CLH and CLI you can upgrade your lasers to match your application needs. You pay for the functionality you need to do your job without paying for the extra features that you don’t use. With additional professional services such as repair and calibration you can secure your laser’s exceptional performance for many years.  


    The Right Choice For Every Application On Site

    With the unique capability to adapt to any application needs through software upgrades, the Leica Rugby CLA is the first upgradable laser to maximised productivity and performance on-site. The upgrade options deliver the unmatched performance in any levelling, aligning and squaring tasks, making it a true all-rounder.

    Base unit - Use it as a simple to operate, one-button horizontal laser for concrete and formwork levelling, height checking and transferring, and land levelling applications.

    Upgrade options
    CLX 250 – with manual slope function, slope catch and slope lock, this upgrade makes slope applications, such as ramps and driveways a simple and efficient task
    CLX 500 – enabling rotation vertically, the CLX 500 makes the Rugby CLA fit in batterboard, interior and other alignment applications

    CLX 600 – adding +-15% fully automatic grade functionality in single axis with a dial-in option, the upgrade delivers the most reliable performance in single slope applications
    CLX 700 - adding +-15% fully automatic grade functionality in second axis with a dial-in option, the upgrade delivers the most reliable performance in dual slope applications
    CLX 800 – with 20 rps head speed and multiple laser operation via one combo, this upgrade delivers the best results when working with machine guidance system

      • Specifications:
        • Specifications
          Grade Capability (X/Y Axes) 8%
          Self-Leveling Accuracy ±0.063" at 100' (±1.5 mm at 30 m)
          Self-Leveling Range ±6°
          Remote Range 1,968.5' (600 m) diameter
          Laser Class 1
          Environmental Standard IP68/MIL-STD-810G
          Operating Temperature -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)
          Battery Li-ion
          Warranty 5Y/2Y knockdown

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