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Attend Global GPR Congress 2022 in Phoenix, AZ
GPR Congress 2022 in Phoenix, AZ

Disto S910


A universal measurement tool. Our Master DISTO. 
The DISTO S910 features the best of LDM technology from Leica Geosystems. It can measure the distance between multiple points from one location. It has a Smart Base for even more measuring options and functions. It can export data to CAD. And it has WLAN, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. Simply put, the S910 is our Master DISTO. 

Onboard point-to-point measurement from a single location. 
When you use the S910, you won’t need a ladder because the S910 has Point-to-Point (P2P) measurement technology built in. The S910 will compute the distance between two points, regardless of height or angle. You can also take multiple P2P measurements to measure complex planes, such as roofs. 

Intelligent endpiece? How about a Smart Base instead? 
The S910’s integrated Smart Base is key to Point-to-Point (P2P) Technology. It enables distance measurements to be taken between any two points from just one location. The combination of P2P Technology and an integrated tilt sensor opens completely new measurement possibilities. 

Smart Area Measurement. 
The S910’s Smart Area Measurement capability couldn’t be easier to use. Simply measure the outline of an area—clockwise or counterclockwise—and immediately see the result on the display, no matter how complex the shape of an area is. 

Ready for CAD. 
The S910 is packed with technology to help you get the most out of your measurements. With Bluetooth, WLAN, and USB connectivity, you can export your measurements as .DXF files straight into CAD, on-site, and you can export your .JPG image files with measurement data as well. 

FTA 360-S tripod adapter for greater range and accuracy. 

The FTA 360-S tripod adapter is like our DST 360 but is designed specifically for the S910. It is used to aim the S910 when taking point-to-point or long-distance measurements. 

S910 P2P Pack for advanced P2P measuring.

The S910 is available as a standalone device, or you can select the S910 P2P Pack, which includes the following accessories for long-distance P2P measuring: 

  • Leica FTA 360-S tripod adapter 

  • GZM3 target plate  

  • Tripod TRI 120 

  • Accessories in Rugged Case 

Typ. distance measuring accuracy ± 1.0 mm / 0.04 in
Range 0.05 up to 300m / 0.16 up to 985 ft
Measuring units m, ft, in
X-Range Power Technology


Distance in m

Ø of the laser dot in mm

10, 50, 100 m

6, 30, 60 mm

Tilt sensor yes
Tilt sensor accuracy to the laser beam -0.1°/+ 0.2°
Tilt sensor accuracy to the housing ± 0.1°
Units in the tilt sensor 0.0°, 0.00 %
mm/m, in/ft

Smart Base measuring range





−40° to 80°

Distance in m
Typ. tolerance of the P2P function
2, 5, 10 m
± 2, 5, 10 mm
Levelling range ± 5°
Pointfinder with zoom 4 ×
Additional overview camera yes
Picture file format .jpg
Memory for pictures 80
CAD data format on device .dxf
Memory for CAD files on device 20 files x 30 points
Memory for last measurements 50
Display illumination yes
Free software for Windows yes
Free App for iOS and Android yes
General data interface Bluetooth® Smart
Data interface for 3D point data WLAN
Measurements per set of batteries up to 4,000*
Service life of batteries up to 8 h*
Multifunctional endpiece pin
Tripod thread 1/4"
Batteries Li-Ion rechargeable
Charging time 4 h
Protection class IP54
Dimensions 164 x 61 x 32 mm / 6.46 x 2.40 x 1.26 (W x H x D)
Weight with batteries 290 g / 0.64 lbs

*Reduced when used with Bluetooth® or WLAN