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Fisher M-97 Industrial Metal Detector

by Fisher

The M-97 is an all-metal metal detector that can search through concrete and asphalt and was designed for finding buried or paved over valves, boxes, or manhole covers, or any other concealed metallic object. It also locates targets made of aluminum, brass and lead. 

New to the M series is the ease with which the M-97 can be stored. Just compact the lower stem, twist the search coil 90 degrees, and fold the search coil flat. The M-97 fits easily into the optional carrying case. In the Fisher tradition, the M-97 is affordable, tough, and simple to use while providing maximum performance. A two year limited warranty comes standard with the unit.



• Two knobs and a push button for simple operation
• Adjustable shaft with double locking stem
• Ground Effect Rejection VLF eliminates annoying or false signals from wet ground foliage, pavement or mineralized ground
• High sensitivity for maximum penetration through soil, asphalt or concrete
• Built-in Battery Test
• Pushbutton Tuning to quickly & easily maintain optimum sensitivity
• Ultra Slow Auto-Tune to stabilize ground tuning and minimize frequency drift
• Identifies metallic objects by speaker sound and needle movement
• Compact size for convenient storage
• Waterproof search coil



  • Operating Frequency: 4.5kHz
  • Power Supply: 2 – 9V Battery
  • Battery Life: Alkaline 25 – 35 hours
  • Weight with 8” Coil: 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
  • Weight with 11” Coil: 3.9lbs (1.8kg)
  • Dimensions: Length: 38” to 50” adjustable (96cm to 127cm)
  • Shipping Dimensions 6 x 13 x 35” (15.2 x 32.76 x 82.2cm)