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Phase II PHT-6000 Ultrasonic Hardness Tester UCI (Manual)


For used and refurbished options, call 1 (770) 674-2489.


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  • Latest portable hardness tester technology. Utilizes both ultrasonic and dynamic type portable hardness testers in one unit. Can test non-destructive and handle small or thin work parts down to 2mm of thickness, as well as testing large parts. Extremely versatile, with many options and configurations to handle all types of hardness tester applications.

  • Probe Type/Model PHT-6001 PHT-6002 PHT-6005 PHT-6010 PHT-6011
    Loading Force 1kgf (10N) 2kg (20N) 5kg (50N) 10kg (98N) 1kgf (10N)
    Probe Diameter 22mm 22mm 22mm 22mm 22mm
    Length 154mm 154mm 154mm 154mm 213mm
    Oscillating Rod Diameter 2.4mm 2.4mm 3mm 3mm 2.4mm
    Surface Roughness Requirements
    μm=Metric μin= Inch
    (Ra<125 μin)
    (Ra<197 μin)
    Ra<10 μm
    (Ra<393 μin)
    Ra<15 μm
    (Ra<590 μin)
    (Ra<125 µin)
    Min weight of test sample 0.3kg (.66lbs) 0.3kg (.66lbs) 0.3kg (.66lbs) 0.3kg (.66lbs) 0.3kg (.66lbs)
    Minimum thickness of sample 2mm (.08”) 2mm (.08”) 2mm (.08”) 2mm (.08”) 2mm (.08”)
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