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Phase II PTG-5500 Coating Thickness Gauge For Rent


Coating thickness testing performance is both non-destructive and extremely accurate.

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  • The PHASE II PTG-5500 coating thickness gauge can perform two different methods of calculating coating thickness measurement by utilizing the characteristics of both eddy current and magnetic induction.

    With this state of the art coating thickness gauge, you can easily detect the thickness of nonmagnetic coating on a magnetic substrate (ferrous) or an insulating coating on a non-magnetic conductive substrate (non-ferrous) utilizing our auto-detect probe

    The PTG-5500 coating thickness gauge can be used in many areas of industry including automotive auctions, manufacturing, general engineering, commercial inspection, etc.

    The PTG-5500 coating thickness gauge utilizes a rugged probe that can automatically detect a Ferrous or Non-Ferrous substrate and comes with 2 substrate samples (steel, aluminum), 4 calibrated thickness samples, carry case, batteries and operation manual.

  • Probe type F/N F/N
    Measuring principle Magnetic induction Eddy current
    Measuring range 0~1500 um (0-59mil) 0~1500 um (0-59mil)
    Resolution (Selectable) 1 um , 0.1 um, .01um 1 um , 0.1 um, .01um
    Accuracy (i)Zero calibration
    (ii)Min. radius of curvature
    ±(2%H+1) um
    Cx. 1.5 mm
    ±(2%H+1) um
    Cx. 3 mm
    Measuring Condition (i)Min. radius of area
    (ii)Critical thickness of plate
    Φ7 mm
    0.5 mm
    Φ5 mm
    0.3 mm

    Note: H – nominal value of thickness

    • Two measuring modes: single or continuous (Scan mode) (selectable).
    • Automatic Temperature compensation: compensates for the measurement distortion caused by the change of temperature.
    • Displays five statistical values: average( MEAN, maximum( MAX), minimum(MIN), measure number( No.), and standard deviation (S.DEV).
    • Calibration: Simple 1-step calibration using supplied metal plate and reference shims
    • Data storage: close to 500 measurements in memory. (99 measurements/group x 5 groups) Includes data output software and cable
    • Tolerance Setting: alarm when measurements out of tolerance.
    • Battery symbol: Displays remaining power in battery.
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