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Proceq UT8000

by Proceq

Ultrasonic testing for flaw detection of metal and composite parts, finally portable and truly user-friendly

Correct, complete, precise and reusable inspection data is key for ensuring the integrity of components and infrastructure. Proceq UT8000 represents a breakthrough in inspections with ultrasonic testing for detecting flaws such as cracks and voids in metals and composites. The Swiss Made, rugged, IP67-rated base unit is built for extreme levels of portability and comfort, from the benchtop of your lab to rope inspections in the toughest of places. Thanks to its sophisticated electronics that deliver wide bandwidth and signal-to-noise ratio, you can keep your probes and procedures.

Connect the powerful base unit to your iPad and get to the real work faster. Our Proceq Flaw Detector Live app enhances your productivity with intelligent software features, such as the straightforward, gesture-driven calibration procedure, the built-in indication table, and the ability to rewind time for each indication. Review your measurements and communicate findings and insights enriched with voice, photo, and text annotations that deliver end-to-end traceability and peace of mind.

Together with our unique pricing model, Proceq UT8000 is the one and only ultrasonic inspection platform that affordably grows with your needs.

The power to rewind time

Proceq UT8000 is the first ultrasonic instrument ever to integrate a time-rewinding feature. No more searching for the highest peak once you have detected an event—simply rewind the data and select the A-Scan signal you wish to report with ease. Thanks to this feature, you will not miss any important inspection details and your work will be flawless. 

Unparalleled connectivity

The powerful, user-friendly Proceq Flaw Detector Live app for iPad together with the powerful, wireless Proceq UT8000 Base Unit make it possible to perform real-time, on-site data analysis and sharing, enabling collaboration with your peers off-site, like no other product in its category.



Any compatible Apple® iPad (iOS 10 and higher)


Up to 1 TB (depending on the iPad model)


Encrypted Wi-Fi connection to iPad

Signal Enhancement

Digital filters, rejection, averaging


1 channel

Digitizing Frequency

125 MHz

Supported Scans

A-Scan, Grid


Path length, depth, surface distance, DAC, AWS

Report Generation

Indication table, HTML export


English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean


Removable pack, 6x AA (NiMH), flight-safe

Battery Lifetime

5 hours

Special Features