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Rycom Staff Fault Locator For Rent


Affordable and easy-to-use A-frame and fault locator!

The staff fault finder is designed to meet the demands of the professional troubleshooter but its simplicity and price make it a tool for anyone needing to locate cable faults. Arrows on the LCD screen direct the user to the fault with pinpoint accuracy. A reference indication also will aid the user in identifying multiple faults when present. Whether you are fault locating utility service line or locating a broken sprinkler wire, the STAFF is the professional�s choice.

Built with Pathfinder SAF Technology™ at its core, the Staff offers RYCOM’s most ophisticated technology in an economical package. Pathfinder SAF Technology™ is the heart of our premium locators, now RYCOM is applying this proven technology throughout the entire product line. The Stick will meet the challenge. Rycom Instruments®, Inc. locators are designed and manufactured to make utility locating as accurate as you need and as simple as you want.