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Sensors & Software Noggin Smart Cart


This is an integrated GPR system with 4 antenna frequency options including 100, 250, 500, and 1000 MHz. 

This GPR system offers a user friendly experience with the right mix of ease of use and functionality. The various antenna options can be applied to geotechnical investigations, stratigraphic mapping, void/sinkhole detection, utility locating, archaeology, forensics, environmental investigation, soil contamination mapping, and road/bridge assessments. 

The operator has the choice of basic line scans, grid scans, or GPS integration. Grid scans can produce high quality time-slices on site in real time.

Easily apply filters, gains and depth conversions without damaging raw files. Automatically migrates data when generating time slices for clear visualizations. Screen shot and basic reporting available with the click of a button. GPS and grid data seamlessly integrate with Google Earth for high quality deliverable preparation.

Integrates with the Emlid Reach RTK GPS series distributed by Bigman Geophysical LLC for centimeter precision accuracy when conditions allow. 


Price is based on Noggin Smartcart 250, 500, or 1000.