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RIDGID SeeSnake nanoReel N85S Camera Reel


The RIDGID 40008 SeeSnake nanoReel N85S Camera Reel with Connection Cable for SeeSnake Monitor, 85 ft. Push Cable and Camera Head (NTSC), is a portable SeeSnake diagnostic reel and camera that opens up new possibilities in long run, small diameter inspection needs. Applications where only borescopes could reach can now be inspected using the nanoReel system, including boiler tubes, supply lines, sprinkler systems, and a wide array of specialty applications.

The nanoReel contains a unique, removable cable drum which makes cleaning and replacing push cables convenient. Since the nanoReel comes with a removable system cable, it can be used with any SeeSnake monitor or with the handheld micro CA-350 Inspection Camera (monitors and micro CA-350 sold separately).

The nanoReel uses an advanced push cable design and a small radius camera, which allows camera inspection through pipes with very small diameters, P‑traps, and small radius bends that conventional inspection systems often cannot inspect. The nanoReel furthermore is equipped with a sonde, built into the camera head, which transmits a locatable 512 Hz signal, allowing you to detect the camera's location underground.

Product Features:

  • For inspecting 3/4 in. to 2 in. lines up to 85 ft.
  • Small diameter and tight-turn radius camera head allows 1-inch lines with tight turns to be inspected
  • Suitable for inspecting boiler tubes, supply lines, sprinkler systems, and other small diameter applications
  • Multi-monitor compatibility with SeeSnake monitors or micro CA-350 camera (requires optional interconnect cable)
  • Lightweight, compact design allows for easy transport and convenient storage
  • Interchangeable drum can be easily switched depending on the application, providing on-the-job flexibility
  • Long-lasting LED lights provide excellent viewing
  • Built-in 512 Hz sonde makes it easy to locate problems in the pipe
  • Equipped with system interconnect cable for SeeSnake monitors (sold separately)