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Calibration & Preventative Maintenance

What is calibration? 

Calibration is the comparison of a measurement device or an instrument against a known standard. The standard in a measurement is considered to be the more correct of the two and one would calibrate the device under test to know how far it deviates from the standard.

Why calibrate your locate and inspection equipment?

Having instruments that are calibrated insures quality output onsite. Out of tolerance (OOT) instruments tend to give incorrect readings resulting in unnecessary project delays and process failures. More and more clients, contractors, developers, and asset owners are requiring proof of calibration to minimize downtime and liability.

New Equipment Calibration

Bigman Geophysical can provide a calibration for most of the products we sell‚ before they leave our warehouse. This lets you ensure that your brand new instrument is calibrated and ready to use the minute you open the box. The cost of calibration is insignificant compared to the risks from failures, project delays, compromised safety, product defects, etc. Using Bigman Geophysical's New Instrument Calibration services you can eliminate time, money, and administrative headaches sending your systems somewhere else, after you receive them. Get started with confidence once your new equipment is delivered. 

How we manage the calibration process

Our lab uses up-to-date cloud based software that complies with most calibration accreditation standard processes. This helps us maximize efficiency when processing your system, document your calibration in real-time, keep a chain of custody over your equipment, deliver your system with certificate of calibration and a calibration label, and responsibly inform you when your system is in need of re-calibration.  

What equipment does Bigman Geophysical calibrate?

  • Ground penetrating radar/GPR (handheld & pushcart)
  • Utility locators
  • Magnetic Locators
  • Ultrasonic pulse echo
  • Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity
  • Rebar Cover Meters
  • Ultrasonic thickness gauges 
  • Infrared Thermal Cameras

Does Bigman Geophysical only calibrate equipment it sells?

No! Our lab is set up to calibrate instruments that you might have purchased from another distributor. Call us today at (770) 674-2489 to see if we can calibrate your system.