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GPR-Slice v.7


GPR-SLICE v7.MT is a comprehensive ground penetrating radar imaging software designed for creation of 2D/3D subsurface images for use in a variety of geotechnical, engineering and archaeological applications.    

GPR-SLICE is compatible with all the major manufacturers of GPR including:  
      Mala Guideline Geo
      Impulse Radar
      Sensors and Software
      Geophysical Survey Systems Inc 
      US Radar
      Ditch Witch
      ERA Technology
      3D Radar of Norway
      UTSI Electronics
      Zond Radar
      Koden Radar
      Transient Technologies
      SEGY and SEG 2 
      Plus customized formats for research radar systems
GPR-SLICE multi-channel extended licenses include integration of:

     Mala Guideline Geo
     3D Radar Geoscope
     Koden Radar 
     Radar Portal 
     Terravision USA
     *** with complete integration of GPS and total station 
GPR-SLICE applies a unique process of radargram desampling/binning and then recreates GPR data volumes using estimation algorithmsfor single channel - coarsely spaced profile lines.   For multi-channel dataset direct compilation to pulse 3D volumes can be quickly generated without interpolation because of the hi-density acquisition.   GPR-SLICE handles all surveyed data densities to make the most comprehensive subsurface imagery.    Many researchers have migrated to the software because of the professional quality images that can be created in the program.  

GPR-SLICE software is designed to remove line noises and artifacts that show profile directions and pixelation noises from incomplete sampling of the ground. 

GPR-SLICE images help interpreters extract hidden information contained in noisy radargrams which would otherwise be lost and never revealed within the raw data.   


GPR-SLICE Software features:

2D/3D time slices
3D volume displays, Isosurface Rendering, Fence Plots
Exportable Animation menu
Split-screen options for time slice/radargram anomaly picking
Complete customizable multi- time slice and multi-radargram displays in a single graphic dialog
Easy grid concatenation and appending
Output in KMZ - Google Earth, BPW, TFW, JPW, PFW - Arc GIS export, CAD, XYZG las/laz, OpenGL Georeference bitmpa overlay
Complete GPS Navigation Integration Including:
       GPS 2D/3D Time Slices
       GPS 2D/3D Radargram Displays
       Specialized menu for editting/filtering GPS fallout
       Batch GPS topography corrections
       Builtin UTM utility conversion
       Exportability to GIS (world file creation)
       Direct export to Google Earth (*.kmz image file creation
       Builtin GPS staggering/scan lag latency correction 
       Complete GPS integration
 Open GL Graphics
       2D surface displays and automatic animation creation
       Open GL 3D real time flythroughs, x, y, z, xy fence diagrams, isosurface rendering
       Open  GL 3D radargram displays, with pulse thresholding and automatic animation creation
       Open GL Object drawing for interpretation (pipes, rectangular volumes, spheres etc ) with DXF file creation
       Cylinder volume warping for imaging tunnels
BlueBox (c) Batch  processing 
       one button click macros from raw data to radar signal processing to image processing and final 3D volumes!
       one button click macros for xy decoupled concrete imaging for enhancing  rebar to final 3D volume
       ability to save BlueBox setups and load/save for new project applications
Horizon Detection and Mapping
       Automatic horizon detection
       Layer depth maps using variable layer velocities
       Horizon amplitude profiles and maps
       Horizon slicing in Open GL 3D Volume
Signal Processing:
      FK Radargram filtering
      0ns scan-by-scan or 0ns line-by-line offset auto detection/editing of radargrams menu
      Migration with variable velocity profiles
      3D/2.5D migration
      Bandpass filtering and spectra menu
      Spectral whitening
      Deconvolution, spectral and spiking
      Hilbert Transform
      Boxcar smoothing
      Background removal
      Batch processing for up to 8 filters
Even import 2D Geophysical data for processing and visualization
      Magnetometer, Resistivity, EM data and any 2D/3D data.
      Image synthesizing of GPR, Mag, Resistivity and EM
This product is for an annual license of GPR Slice software. The price paid during checkout is recurring every 12 months and you will be billed via invoice to the email provided during the initial purchase unless otherwise explicitly stated to Bigman Geophysical LLC and its affiliates. This product comes with a dongle key that is usually shipped to the customer within 48 business hours of purchase. The customer will receive a license file and welcome package with directions of how to download and install the software, plus resources for support.