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Mapping the ground floor, underwater.

Expert Analysis

Avoid costly mistakes by having an experienced and dedicated professional model your data, for precise, consistant deliverables.

Fast, actionable results

Technology that requires minimal time on site and our team of fast, dedicated analysts allow us to provide top-tier deliverables in record time. 

Cost effective surveys

Non-destructive testing often costs less than the permits and site shutdown required for excavations to even begin. 

Clean, harmless technology

Non destructive technology is harmless to humans and the environment. No need to affect fragile soil contexts or delicate water flow. 

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Why mapping water bodies is critical

Marine Resource Management

Bathymetry is the measurement of underwater ground surfaces, recording their depths and modeling shapes that can impact water flow, biology, and indicate the movement of both eroded soils and water currents in the area.

Environmental Conservation

Delicate marine ecosystems are often affected by drainage and erosion from landforms, as they introduce different nutirent compositions and create murcky or brakish water. These soils settle on the bottom of waterways, and frequent measurement of those soils allows reasearcher to track the amount of soil -and its impact- moving through a given site. 

Scientific Research

Bathymetric surveys have shown to be a cost-effective and highly productive means of analysis for environental and even structural concerns, as the technique produces rich and accurate insight into erosion, shifting currents, and anthrogenic actions that change the ground surface underwater. Expansions to this technology have allowed the generation of full 3D models of the ground surface underwater, and in many instances these models are generated repeatedly over months of time, so that gradual changes can be tracked with high resolution and accuracy.

Types of sites investigated

-Rivers, Creeks, & Streams
-Natural Lakes
-Manmade Lakes
-Oxbow Lakes

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