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Bridge Deck Inspection

Technology for Imaging Material and Reinforcements Inside Bridges

Reduce Risk

precise, up to date information is critical to manageing structural assets and projects to avoid delays and cost-overruns from mistakes.

Fast Results

geophysical equipment can rapidly produce insightful analysis over bridge decks and supports to allow faster, better informed decision makeing and asset management.

Cost Effective Solutions

non-destructive testing can asses conditions and variations over a whole structure, and provide the detailed information needed for your projects without requiring costly repairs or cosmetic damages.

Import Models into your Desired Software

digital deliverables can be pulled into CAD, BIM, and GIS platforms already in use by our clients, so you can employ our results directly. 

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Better Analysis, Better Results

We offer concrete scanning and inspection specialized in the examination of bridges.

By examining the material condition, reinforcement health, encased utilities, and geology around the structure we can detect problems and empower our clients for smart decision making.

Targets of Investigation

-Rebar and Structural Elements
-Concrete and Pavement Health
-Moisture Concentration and Drainage
-Corrosion Mapping
-Delamination and Honeycombing
-Expansion Joint Health
-Bridge Supports and Foundations

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