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Calibration & Maintenance

We run a cutting-edge, brand agnostic laboratory with specialty testing and metrology. 

Rapid Turnaround of Equipment

so you can get the system back to work

Verified Accuracy and Reliability

to boost confidence in every measurement you make

Reduce Your Project Liability

with visible calibration label and certificate

Save Money by Extending Use-Life

and increase profits or invest in new equipment


What is calibration? Calibration is the comparison of a measurement device or an instrument against a known standard. The standard in a measurement is considered to be the more correct of the two and one would calibrate the device under test to know how far it deviates from the standard.

Why calibrate your locate and inspection equipment? Having instruments that are calibrated insures quality output onsite. Out of tolerance (OOT) instruments tend to give incorrect readings resulting in unnecessary project delays and process failures. More and more clients, contractors, developers, and asset owners are requiring proof of calibration to minimize downtime and liability.

How do we manage the calibration process? Our lab uses up-to-date cloud based software that complies with most calibration accreditation standard processes. This helps us maximize efficiency when processing your system, document your calibration in real-time, keep a chain of custody over your equipment, deliver your system with certificate of calibration and a calibration label, and responsibly inform you when your system is in need of re-calibration.

Our lab is a brand agnostic provider that services most makes and models of locate and inspection equipment. We provide low-cost loaners to keep your project going and we offer onsite calibration services for your convenience. We can calibrate, maintain, and repair ground penetrating radar, pipe & cable locators, pipe inspection cameras, concrete testing equipment, ultrasonic testing equipment, and other geophysical and inspection sensors. With our extensive experience with electronics, we can also repair tablets and other data loggers. Examples of brands we have calibrated and serviced include Leica Geosystems, Sensors & Software, Screening Eagle Technologies, GSSI, Ridgid, Radio Detection, Subsite, Vivax-Metrotech, Phase II, EMLID, Juniper, Fisher Labs, Jameson Tools, and more...


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