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Calibration, Maintenance & Repair


Reduce Equipment Downtime

manufacturers are often slow and require shipping systems abroad for repair; we offer faster turnaround through dedicated American service teams.

Complete Projects in Record Time

by expanding your team with short term supervisor and/or field technicians deployment

Increase Profits and Customer Retention

by easily adding services through collaboration with our team of experts

Increase Team Effectiveness

through supervision, project debriefing, and on-site training on complex, difficult sites


What is Calibration?
Calibration is the comparison of a measurement device or an instrument against a known standard. The standard in a measurement is considered to be the more correct of the two and one would calibrate the device under test to know how far it deviates from the standard.

Why Calibrate Utility Location Equipment?
Having instruments that are calibrated insures quality output onsite. Out of tolerance (OOT) instruments tend to give incorrect readings resulting in unnecessary project delays and process failures. More and more clients, contractors, developers, and asset owners are requiring proof of calibration to minimize downtime and liability.

How do we manage the calibration process?
Our lab uses up-to-date cloud based software that complies with most calibration accreditation standard processes. This helps us maximize efficiency when processing your system, document your calibration in real-time, keep a chain of custody over your equipment, deliver your system with certificate of calibration.

Systems We Repair and Calibrate:

-Utility Locators
-Ground-Penetrating Radar Pushcarts
-Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Devices
-Multichannel GPR Arrays
-Hardness testers
-Vehicle Mounted Platforms





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