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Concrete scanning

Mapping Utilities, Reinforcements, and Variations in Concrete Structures

Reduce Liability

Accurate assesment of structural health greatly reduces risk from unseen problems and protects valueable assets

Observations are Better than Guesswork

It pays to be right, and its easy to be right when you can see what you are dealing with.

More Technology, More Options

Having exactly the right tools makes a world of difference. Our specialists can tailor inspections for exactly what you need to know.

Expert Analysis

Qualified specialists deliver accurate, detailed investigations and meaningful reports.

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Accurate Information is Key to Efficient Management

Concrete scanning can map the locations of embedded utilities and structural reinforcements, and gain insight into the health of structures. Trained technicians can image delamination, honeycombing, void spaces, and general degradation across the walls and floors of structures, to allow informed decision making.

Project Types

-Poured Concrete
-Paved Surfaces
-Concrete Block walls
-Pan Deck Floors
-Footings and Piers
-Pools and Fountains
-Grade Beams


What our team can locate and mark

-Wire mesh
-PT cables
-Radiant Heating
-Filled and Empty CMU cells
-Peaks/Valleys of Pan-deck
-Honeycombing and delamination
-Concrete Thickness
-Rebar diameter estimates
-Rebar Cover




US States





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