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Dam & Levee Characterization

Seeing is Better than Guessing

some assets are too important for assumptions. We offer detailed insight into the conditions and variations in your structures to take out the guesswork.

Fast Results

our systems are designed to produce detailed and accurate information in days, not weeks or months.

Cost Effective Solutions

non-destructive technologies are fast, accurate, and avoid the cost of repairs common to invasive testing and coring.

Expert Analysis

Our high specialized staff are trained in industry leading non-destructive technologies.


Detailed Analysis for Smart Decisions

Water control infrastructure is a critical element to countless environmental projects and asset owners. Bigman Geophysical offers techniques for detecting anomalies and damages across the face of such features and deeply below their surface. Our experts have published case-studies and experimental research on the inspection of these critical assets in internationally recognized scientific journals, and can perform these specialty techniques at the highest level of capability.

Targets of Investigation

-Site Characterization
-Material Thickness
-Debonding and delamination
-Reinforcements and Drainage
-Voids and Cracks
-Moisture and Seepage
-Earthen Dams
-Hydroelectric Dam Spillways
-Levees, Dykes, and Embankments





US States






Bigman Geophysical has been instrumental in introducing us to the science of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). We (Stevenson Crane Service Inc.) specialize in planning and executing heavy crane picks in the industrial and commercial construction industries. Understanding the location of underground utilities and possible subsurface voids is critical to our success. The support the Bigman Geophysical team has provided us at every step from procuring, to using the GPR equipment, to analyzing the GPR survey results has been world class.
- Jess MacMillan, Stevenson Crane


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