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MultiChannel GPR

Full Coverage for Superior Imagery and Better Results

Work at Vehicle Speeds

Data collection can cover miles per day without the need to shut down roads or bridges

Complete Projects in Record Time

Faster data collection and teams of professional analysts for lightening-fast results

Reduce Project Overhead

Cut overhead and travel expenses for project time down from weeks to days.

Expert Analysis

Detailed analysis by trained experts to reduce misinterpretations, and enhance accuracy

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Exponentially Faster with Better Resolution

These specialized full coverage GPR platforms are designed to create high-resolution top-down imagery with far tighter transect spacing than traditional systems, greatly enhancing survey quality.

Multichannel platforms are capable of detecting smaller targets and greater complexity in environments that are often unapproachable to single channel equipment.

Advantages of Multichannel

-Much Higher Resolution Imagery
-Faster Collection Speeds, Less Time on Site
-Greater Target Separation in Complex Areas
-Smaller Target Detection
-More Accurate CAD/BIM Drawings
-Better 3D Volumes, More Accurate Shapes
-Used in utility mapping, concrete inspection, bridge deck inspection, archaeology, geotechnical engineering, and civil engineering

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