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soil contamination studies

Tracking changes and foreign materials across the landscape.

See clearly into the subsurface

Better computer modeling with easier to understand results for definitive decision making.

Fast, actionable results

Technology that requires minimal time on site and our team of fast, dedicated analysts allow us to provide top-tier deliverables in record time. 

Cost effective surveys

Non-destructive testing often costs less than the permits and site shutdown required for excavations to even begin. 

Clean, harmless technology

Non destructive technology is harmless to humans and the environment. No need to affect fragile soil contexts or delicate water flow. 

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Soil contamination can damage communities

Soil Pollution

Toxic chemicals can pollute soils as a result of human activities or by natural processes and disasters. Excess chemicals such as pesticides, ammonia, petroleum hydrocarbons, nitrate, lead, mercury, and naphthalene can directly impact the health of humans who live in the area or ingest foods grown in contaminated conditions.

Bioremediation and Rhizoremediation

Soil contamination is best treated by preventative measures, but when those fail impacted soils can be relocated or marked as unusable. In some cases they are relocated away from human inhabitants. Rhizoremediation is the use of plants and microbes to make polluted soils safe again, and is emerging as a cost-effective and permanent solution.

Why Geophysical Mapping?

Geophysical equipment is non-destructive and its survey is both cost effective and low-impact on the environment and active work areas. It has the proven capacity to judge both the area and depth of polluted materials, so that appropriate precautions and remedies can be applied. 

Use the right tools

Dedicated scientists with the right equipment can make a daunting undertaking feel smaller and much simpler. You can trust our team to deploy with a wide array of non-destructive technology from our diverse, brand agnostic fleet of equipment. 

Popular Technologies
-Electrical Conductivity Meters
-Ground-Penetrating Radar
-Magnetic Gradiometry
-Electrical Resistance Tomography
-Thermal Imaging
-Soil Testing & Analysis

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Bigman Geophysical and the LearnGPR Academy have been important components of success for Enhanced Scanning for training new hires, renting equipment, and consulting on important projects. - Forrest Sim, Enhanced Scanning

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