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Training & Workshops

Upgrading Your Company's Most Powerful Asset: People

Professional Certification

Nationally recognized certificates mark real professionals, and allows their customers to easily select the right companies for important projects.

Complete Projects in Record Time

Better training allows operators to confidently finish their projects with much less time on site.

Increase Profits and Customer Retention

Fewer mistakes and better results are good for business. Impress your customers with top-knotch work!

Increase Team Effectiveness

Better training means better confidence in results, smoother operations on site, and happier team memebers.

Prevent Mistakes and Enhance Results

At Bigman Geophysical a team of qualified instructors treach professionals on a variety of geophysical and non-destructive testing technologies. Coursework ranges from beginner level to collaboration with world renowned experts. 

Participants are shown results from projects done well, and heartbreaking failures, so they understand the critical elements that separate them. Our trainees leave with a firm understanding of their chosen tools and the market in which they operate.

Trainings Offered

 -EM Locators
-GPR For Utility Location
-Concrete Scanning
-Burial Detection
-GPS Fundamentals
-Signal Processing Software
-Archaeological Geophysics
-Advanced Deliverables

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