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Utility Location & Mapping

Reduce Project Downtime

with oversight, remote technical support, and quick deployment of additional equipment

Complete Projects in Record Time

by expanding your team with short term supervisor and/or field technicians deployment

Increase Profits and Customer Retention

by easily adding services through collaboration with our team of experts

Increase Team Effectiveness

through supervision, project debriefing, and on-site training on complex, difficult sites

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Find More Pipes Than Ever Before

Full digital mapping of subsurface utilities presented in BIM, CAD, and GIS formats. We accomplish this by utilizing the full suite of technical equipment including EM locators, magnetic locators, ground penetrating radar, MCGPR, GNSS, and other geophysical technologies.

Bigman Geophysical team consists of the most highly trained and specialized operatives in the industry to generate the highest possible level of quality, often at large and complex projects such as industrial facilities, power plants, and airports. 

Types of Deliverables

-Paint marks on the ground surface
-Full summary reports
-2D and 3D digital maps
-AutoCAD and BIM exports
-GIS compatible exports
-Shareable, Interactive 3D models

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