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Void & Sinkhole Characterization

Accurate Maps and Models

Knowing exactly where voids and sinkholes are located and how big they are allows informed decision making

Expert Review

Trained specialists review  information to reduce misinterpretations and provide detailed analysis

Better Visibility

Diverse toolsets and advanced software platforms allow better projection of hidden underground features

Reduce Liability

Accurate interpretations and models reduce liability from unseen threats

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Full 3D Modeling of Sinkholes

Geophysical analysis can detect and model subsurface features including sinkholes and voids. These investigations can be designed to work in many materials including soil, concrete, stone, and asphalt. 

Targeted features may be filled with water or air and can have serious and dangerous implications if not detected, mapped, and filled. Our technology and advanced software can model distinctive changes in the subsurface that allow our team to analyze signals and potentially identify void fill material. This can then be presented in many formats including 3D models showing the breadth and possibly volume of the hazard.

Advantages of Geophysical Testing

-Precise Location and Boundaries of the Features
-Depth and Volume Estimation 
-Information Critical to Damage Assessment and Repair

Project Types

-Parking Lots and Underground Structures
-Roadways and Bridges
-Aircraft Runways
-Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
-Waste Disposal Sites
-Residential Areas
-Karstic Geology

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