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Attend Global GPR Congress 2022 in Phoenix, AZ
GPR Congress 2022 in Phoenix, AZ

Proceq GP8000

by Proceq

This innovative GPR system offers the benefit of an expanded frequency range to help the technician image a variety of reinforcements, conduit, and slab thicknesses by utilizing a stepped frequency continuous wave antenna that ranges from 200 MHz to 4000 MHz.

This wireless system uses an iPad the data logger and provides a user friendly experience that is easy for new technicians and veterans alike to quickly operate. Additional features include hyperbola fitting for depth estimates, on-board timeslicing and 3-dimensional isosurfaces, and augmented reality projection of 3D data onto the ground.

This system can be used for concrete investigation, markout of embeddments, asphalt and roadbed analysis, void detection, and more.