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Proceq Profometer Corrosion For Rent

by Proceq

Service life and durability assessment of reinforced concrete structures

The construction industry is rapidly moving towards performance based specifications for concrete durability of new structures; at the same time the assessing of service life of actual reinforced concrete elements is being a subject of increasing concern in the industry. Half-cell potential, concrete resistivity and concrete cover air permeability are the main and most widely accepted indicators of likelihood of corrosion and estimated durability of a concrete structure.

Advanced half-cell measuring instrument for on-site mapping of the corrosion potential. Dedicated software for assisted measurements with rod and wheel electrodes. Statistical software for immediate data interpretation.

Your Benefits
High productivity with unique wheel electrodes
Advanced processing and reporting tools
Easy upgradable with cover meter functionality for combined testing

•Intuitive user friendly interface for data acquisition
•Optimized workflow for rod and wheel measurements
•Customizable text can be entered for any specific locations
•Flexible features enable the mapping of any irregular geometry

  • Measured value:


  • Applications:

    industrial, inspection, for large areas, for tunnelsOther characteristics:

  • portable, digital, multifunction, compact, USB, high-precision, with data logger, modular, graphic display, outdoor, with integrated screen, for concrete

•Improved digital filtering to remove the effect of external noise (civil and industrial power sources)
•Create custom reports with exported graphs and charts