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RIDGID A-Frame Fault Locator System


The RIDGID 56613 A-Frame Fault Locator System is a highly sensitive transmitter and receiver specifically designed to detect the location of a path to ground fault (Direct Fault Finding) in the insulation of a buried conductor (such as a wire or cable). Damaged insulation, severed conductors, and other faults with ground leakage are easily and precisely located.

The model FT-103 Transmitter connects to the insulated conductor and establishes a current flow, the current leaks to ground through the insulation fault and back to the ground stake. The model FR-30 Receiver detects the current flow to ground through the insulation fault. The receiver provides audio and visual indications of both signal strength and direction to assist in detecting and locating the fault. For the A-Frame fault detector to work, the conductor must be in contact with the earth - it will not work with conductors in conduit.

Additionally, the transmitter can be used to apply a signal to the conductor for path locating with other receivers, such as the RIDGID SeekTech or NaviTrack Locators. This can be done by direct connect and inductive methods. Multiple frequencies and power levels are provided.

Product Features:

  • Purpose-built system locates ground faults in direct buried insulated wire
  • Locates insulation faults up to 2 megohms
  • Reference readout provides determination of fault location
  • A-frame receiver constructed from durable, lightweight powder-coated aluminum
  • Transmitter equipped with weatherproof membrane buttons
FT-103 Transmitter
Operating Frequencies Direct Fault Finding: 797 Hz - "dFF" displayed
Path Locating: 128 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 kHz, 33kHz, 93 kHz
Direct Connect: 128 Hz, 1 kHz, 8 kHz, 33kHz, 93 kHz
Inductive Clamp: 8 kHz, 33 kHz, 93 kHz
Broadcast Inductive: 33 kHz, 93 kHz
Load Range 5 Ω to 2M Ω
Output Power Up to 3 Watts (Low, medium and high settings)
Output Voltage 5 Volts - 600 Volts
Power Supply 8 x C-Cell Batteries
Dimensions (LxWxH) 8.5" x 5.8" x 2.5"
FR-30 A-Frame Receiver
Fault Finding Depth Up to 20' (depending on conditions)
Fault Finding Length Up to 3 miles (depending on conditions)
Display Black and White LCD
Power Supply 6 x AA Batteries
Dimensions (LxWxH) 30.3" x 30.4" x 1.5"