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Utility Detection & Mapping

Using non-destructive technology to detect and record subsurface assets locations and depths. These surveys typically target buried architecture, water/sewer pipes, electrical lines, telecommunication cables, gas lines, and underground storage tanks (USTs). 

Leak Detection/Pipe Inspection

Finding and examining underground spaces & materials impacted by the movement of fluids. Deliverables often include markings or maps that show where assets have been damaged, to informing repair operations, and assess asset health.

Multi-Channel GPR

Powerful technology to enhance GPR survey by multiplying the number of sensors employed during operation. These systems are designed to create much higher resolution imagery, which helps separate targets in congested environments & cover larger areas. 

Earth Sciences

Archaeological Prospection

Mapping subsurface archaeological sites and sensitive cultural property with completely non-destructive technology. These surveys are commonly associated with Cultural Resource Management and the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA). 

Forensic & Cemetary Mapping

Surveys designed to collect evidence of anthropogenic activity & the deposition of materials into soil contexts. This can include cemeteries, clandestine burials, battlefields, & projects involved with the Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act. 

Void & Sinkhole  

Investigations designed to locate and examine the physical structure of subsurface void spaces and sinkholes at various stages of maturity, and in many environments. These features are often geological or hydrological in nature, or a result of decaying  infrastructure.


Measuring and modeling ground surfaces that are underwater. These non-destructive and cost effective surveys have become popular as a tool for tracking changes to waterways that result from natural disaters, development, natural geology. They have shown to be invaluable to both preservation and engineering.

Soil Contamination Studies

Tracking soil pollution across a landscape with minimal impact to active work sites and ecosystems. These surveys are well suited to providing detailed, accurate information for prevention and remediation. In many cases, geophysical exploration can provide depths and volumes of impacted areas, and asses their impact on ground water.


Concrete Scanning

Examination of concrete, such as utilities, metal reinforcements, wall footings, grade beams, and support elements. Scans are performed to prevent utitility strikes and damages to structure during construction, repair, and modification projects. Used for design teams.

Concrete Testing

Concrete Testing and Inspection include investigations into the health and quality of concrete material itself. Typical targets are material hardness and slab thickness, along with rebar coverage, moisture and chemical infiltrations, delamination, and cold-joints.

Bridge Deck Inspection

Specialized concrete scanning and testing designed to examine bridgeworks specifically. Surveys are used to gather actionable information about the cause of damages, or at regular intervals to track health and degredation over time. 

Road & Pavement 

Non-destructive technology examine paved roadways & lots. Material thickness, drainage concerns, crack, sinkhole detection, & base material examination are all common targets of investigation. Some systems scan dozens of miles per day.

Dam & Levee 

Specialized investigations for concerns common to these structures. Bigman Geophysical pioneered the use of robotics to conduct non-destructive testing over existing dams and spillways, and is well published for the results.

Support Services

Field Support

Bring an expert to your worksite or remotely to get your team out of trouble when things go wrong. Our specialists cover skill gaps on specialized projects, or enhance confidence and quality of results. Industry leading professionals are available right when you need them.

Project Management

Contract our team directly for projects that are too important to risk. From survey design and bidding, data collection and analysis, all the way to submitting deliverables, our team can fulfill any roles necessary to optimize the process and results for your project.

Data Processing & Analytics 

We process geophysical datasets from any ground-penetrating radar platform on the planet, along with ultrasonics, seismic, magnetic gradiometry, electrical conductivity, magnetics susceptability, & electrical resitivity tomography, with top-knotch analysis.  

Calibration & Repair

Equipment is exposed to harsh work environments. Our team of equipment specialists keep systems running at peak performance and repair them with a fast turnaround, saving on cost & time. We are a better alternative to shipping tools back to their manufacturer.

Training & Workshops

We offer specialized, affordable training curriculums for in-person and remote sessions on a wide range of topics. The most popular training programs are for EM utility locators, GPR for utility location, concrete scanning, concrete inspection, and unmarked burial mapping. 

Equipment Rentals

We carry some of the best brands on the market. We offer support to our customers with live help when they need it in a pinch saving countless projects. Our inventory includes EM locators, GPR pushcarts, concrete scanners, multi-channel systems, ultrasonics, and more!

Equipment Supply

We offer competitive pricing on industry leading geophysical systems. Speak with our sales team about options available for your targets within your price range.  Our specialists can help direct your questions with real world examples to make sure you buy the right system.




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