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Archaeological Prospection

Non-invasive Imaging of Cultural Heritage Sites

Expert Analysis

Interpretations and modeling by specialists in high-tech toolsets and the latest software

Precision Mapping

Detailed and accurate maps and 3D computer models to investigate complex subsurface environments

More Features Made Visible

Better resolution of target features through more advanced technologies, and greater variety of sensor types

Diverse Export Options

Pull information into the software platforms you already have to avoid learning curves and costly subscriptions


Use the Right Tools

Non-destructive imaging for archaeological targets can be uniquely challenging, especially for sites composed of organic features such as wood and earth. Our team has the technology and experience to detect and model those features in detail, and provide meaningful analysis.

Investigations range from individual features to broad area scans targeting whole settlements. Ground-penetrating radar, magnetic gradiometry, electrical resistivity, and magnetic susceptibility are popular modalities for finding and investigating archaeological targets with completely non-invasive technology.

Geophysics for Archaeology

-Ground Penetrating Radar
-Magnetic Gradiometry
-Electrical Resistivity
-Electromagnetic Conductivity
-Magnetic Susceptibility
-LiDAR and Laser Mapping
-Thermal Imaging
-Database Development
-Soil Testing
-Human Remains Detection Dogs

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