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Forensic Investigations & Cemetery Mapping

Cutting-edge Technology for Unrivaled Results in Unmarked Burial Detection 

Expert Analysis

Highly educated specialists for better interpretations and fewer mistakes

Precision Accuracy

Precision location and computer modeling for accurate and easy to use maps.

More Visibility for Hidden Objects

Diverse arrays of equipment and tailored survey designs to maximize the resolution of difficult and decomposed targets. 

Secure but shareable outputs

Information is archived on secure cloud networks, with options for sharing and public release available to our clients

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Expert Analysis

We offer non-destructive investigations designed to map unmarked graves and archaeological sites by some of the top experts in the field.

Ground-penetrating radar, magnetic gradiometry, electrical resistivity, conductivity, and human remains detection dogs can help identify clandestine graves and generate imagery of even small variations in the subsurface environment. These results can be detailed enough to find even highly decomposed casket-less burials, or those damaged by tree roots or partially destroyed by modern construction. Our team has located burials from recent homicide victims and helped solve cold cases, and has identified graves from thousands of years ago across archeological sites from around the globe.

Typical Clients

-Cultural Resource Management
-Historical Societies
-Archaeological Parks & Museums
-Government Organizations
-Law Enforcement 
-Academic Institutions
-Perpetual Care Cemeteries

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